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What is Roleplaying?

Roleplaying means creating a character and living his life in written text. Roleplaying is dependent on people working together, reading what other characters do and reacting to it if it has an interest to your own character. To be able to do this, you first need to decide what kind of character you're playing.

Getting Started!

The basics of Role Playing are simple. You want to tell a story, in a somewhat concise manner and yet convey enough details to keep the audience reading. There are several important ingredients to every RP.

1st - The Story - What message are you sending with your RP? Are you challenging someone? Are you setting up a character alignment turn? Are you just providing comic relief? Make sure you never lose sight of your intended story. It is often useful to write down a rough draft or outline before you start your actual RP.

2nd - The Environment - Where is the story taking place? Who is there? While normal writing indicates this is exceptionally important, we want to limit it to significant things. Location, and maybe some atmosphere and participants. We aren't writing a novel, but we still have to tell the story.

3rd - The Creativity - It doesn't matter how good a story teller you are if you tell the same lame story everyone else does. Jump out and be creative. If you are working on a big story, run it through all the participants you would like to have involved before hand. Communication is a huge key to successful RPing when dealing with others.


Class has ended! Please read more tha once! That's your homework!
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