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Lesson Number 02 Empty Lesson Number 02

Post  King Edge on Wed Feb 04, 2009 8:48 am



Please read LESSON NUMBER 01! So, this lesson can make sense Wink

5 Questions of RP

You made you role plays and this is all great, but how do we apply it, you ask? Well, we look at the 5 questions.

1. Where is the story taking place?

2. Who is involved?

3. What actions are taking place?

4. Does my Flash tell the whole story?

5. If I were a stranger reading this, would I understand everything that is happening?


If you ask those questions about every RP you write, you'll notice them getting longer and fuller, because you'll answer those questions and find what is lacking. Good RP takes time and effort to create and you'll find that even simple almost pointless interviews will take a new shape when you answer all five questions.


Class has ended! Please read more tha once! That's your homework!
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