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Lesson Number 3 Empty Lesson Number 3

Post  The Breaker on Thu Feb 05, 2009 7:24 am


Breaker: Everyone, sit down! I'm not as nice as Edge and I don't give a danm about you! If you mess around, I'll break you down through those tables!

--The students looks to Breaker--

Breaker: Now, you wanna RP? How about posting storyline ideas first? Lemme show you how it's done...

--Breaker grabs a chalk and starts wrinting on the chalkboard--

Storyline: Breaker vs. Edge, Greed and Grudge

Wrestlers in the feud: King Edge and Breaker

Allies: Edge has TRRC and Breaker has Travis Baker, new owner.

Lenght: One PPV

Stroyline: Breaker and Edge fights over total control of TRRC. It starts with Breaker betraying Edge, saying he always wanted the spotlight. Then the storyline develops and ends up in a big match between the two.

How will it end (can be changed by the Creative team or V/GM(s) if needed): I'll not spoil it for you, fellas. Send this to a VGM or Cretive team member.

--Breaker puts the chalk down--

Breaker: That is how it's done, little losers.


Breaker: Looks like time is over. Now, listen up lil' losers, go out there and RP your butts off! That is your homework!

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If I find a grammar error on your RP, I'll fix it.
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